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Fidget Cube tely to their ugly to the. Oriental Ningxin put down the hands of the chopsticks, slowly wiping his mouth with the child, and then answered. Mother died young, Ning heart nothing. Ah, that princess of snow that you will what The woman so surprised fidget cube to ask, how could not believe the way. Poetry and calligraphy and painting all pass. Quiet answer. Oh, that you have no talent and no appearance, in the snow Prince House, how do you want to do it Innocent tone, as inexperienced child, but this is from a struggle to survive in the mouth of a woman mouth Out, which means self evident. Royal Highness save, but please musicians, opera money or some, want to listen to piano music teacher, actor to it. Hear the East, then fidget cube the heart of the snow, proud of the snow picked fidget cube up the cup gently sip, is a powerful role, do not suffer. What do you say That pink woman s gas to the fried, actually the woman has learned poetry and opera compared to opera. Oriental fidget cube Ning heart is not a positive answer to her words, but look to the snow Prince. Royal Highness, Ning heart wrong Yes, the king to listen to the piano, its own musicians, opera. Snow days proud of the hands of the glass, to see the emperor and the East to find the trouble of the woman Ning. Concubine Goddess, I do not know there are problems Snow proud of his proud to help the East rather heart, he ju.e marriage has to talk about Tianyao Huang emperor have a good grade problem Yeah, how so easy to put themselves to sell it. Li Ming smoke back to God only to find themselves agreed to the sound, but this time she was too confident, and she believes that the snow is proud of the East proud Ning lose, and just take this opportunity to get rid of that ugly. Rest assured, the princess will not lose. And hear the words of Li Mingyan, even more depressed Zhang a phase. The emperor is mad out, and a good snow days proud, a brother is really a very powerful Wong. A bet, no matter who wins his snow days proud are the biggest winners, the East Ning Xin wins, the love of the snow proud Li Ming smoke was pushed to his harem, he dignified collection of a brother who loves the woman. Li Ming smoke wins, he logical to get off his grandiose marriage, regardless of the outcome fidget cube which is playing him the emperor s face. Win situation, the snow proud of a win win situation, looking at the bad thing Li Mingyan, the emperor regret to let such a stupid woman played, this woman will only bad And here the most happy Li Mingyan proposed snow and snow proud of the mention of the bet is who Li Mingyan is not the East rather heart. When she heard the snow proud days, said that if she lost the East Ningxue his snow days proud of her, the heart of a move, m.

d proud of the East Ning Xin eyes, he seems to have found a calendar that can be honest and win the snow days proud of the opportunity 059 angry gas Ming smoke, to the king optimistic about the East Ning Xin, three months after the same place so that a person proud to snow days to see if he wants his Princess Lee desert north to the snow days proud of three months to recuperate , And three months after he and the snow days proudly go it alone, the snow can proudly take away his pride, should the snow so proud of his death so that his princess Lee North will let him accompany him. Li Ming smoke a heart of a block, but did not dare to violate the words of Mobei North. fidget cube Yes, Huang Xiong, I ll do it. Tell snow days arrogant, in order to bring back his princess must first win the king. Finally, Lee desert north plus one, three months in addition to recuperation can also do some other, he gave the snow Days proud enough of the fair. Yes, Li Ming smoke surface should be well behaved, but the bottom of my heart is a burst of anger, the snow proud of your best not to agree, otherwise I will not let the East Ning better than that damn cheap woman. First go out. For Li Mingyan Li Xiaoyan small mind is to understand, but that how As long as he assured that the prince of the princess did not die like a snow, as to live good is not in his ju.piano to play that difficulty is not general. Some people gloating, that the ink does not play the piano, actually playing the piano with the piano music, and that girl in the Qin can not suppress a stand up. Miss Mo Yan, this peace and prosperity song, but the song, you actually use the piano to play, you will not be to take the piano to decorate it. That alone, you want to play, but was not a piano woman in the hands of her jealous burn the hands of the gesture of good looking and how to focus on pop up songs to good. Who said the fidget cube piano can not play the song, music, a pass hundred, this world can not. The voice of the ink is very light, and she did fidget cube relieves anxiety not have time to accompany people gossip, her piano mood has been cultivated, light Light fiddle with the strings Crisp sound of the piano comes out expert will know there is a shot, although only gently fiddle with the strings, but the sound quality and this approach, so that everyone is forbidden sound, ink, she will not only play the piano, but also master Close your eyes, familiar with the strings, the ink does not have to look at the strings, only gently fiddle with the strings, the people will fall into the Golden Age of Qin Xiao cooperation, although the song is played out with the piano is very nice, slightly modified to make some of the origin.but that seems to have and Mo Yan made a taste of taste. Participation in His Royal Highness Prince Edward, nine princes, Princess Ming Ming, North College King, South School King. Mohist dry old and young, including the people sit down and kneel down. Prince of big hand wave, and then personally went to the side of the fidget cube release Mo Yan made ink fidget cube up the words, the reason why he came late today is to determine the inked the words to wear, to fidget cube fidget cube see two of them with more than the same is a Ziyi, standing together is really a perfect match. Yes, the prince this one is deliberately purple, Mexican words he identified the future of the Queen, in order to swear sovereignty, in order to allow those self righteous self righteous son who retreat, he immediately arrogant to let everyone know, Mind Sure enough, Prince s move to make some people call it a ugly face, but these people do not include Lee Mobei, for Mo Yan Li desert this time listening to a lot of things, and he is fidget cube also deliberately over here today. His Royal Highness Prince in person, the old body lost far Ying, also asked Prince Edward to forgive. Mexican old lady quickly please ceremony, while the Prince and his party to the main table, Mo Yan made a small and ceremony, actually able to provoke such a character, This is the Mexican old lady did not expect, so to say that Mo Yan really want.

Fidget Cube o knows the joy behind her sad, her pain her embarrassment, her sorrow East Ning heart, the East phase of the House of the eldest of the eldest sister, the first pro point of the future of the emperor of the country, but because destroyed half of the face and after the change Princess, not only so marry that with the emperor, Obviously she married in the past waiting for her death is not a shame. East Ning Xin face destroyed in a fire, an unknown fire burned the mother of the East Ning Xin, also burned her fate. How can a woman s face can be more valuable Previously, she did not know, because her mother only told her to be with the inner is the most important, the woman is no virtue that men are afraid of women become strong. But the face was destroyed, she realized that the value of a face Wearing a red wedding dress, sitting in the wobbling carriage, she married from the Imperial City, thousands of miles away from the snow Prince House, such as a childlike marriage, , That marry her man will be how to treat her This world no man can accept a brother of his own do not want the woman, and this woman is fidget cube notoriously ugly appearance. World men love beauty, world men are love appearance, not to mention the young king, the right to dump the snow in the wild Prince of snow fidget cube proud days, the proud man how her family of women, so out of the limelight, the emperor will be married, Refers to the marriage is not impossible, rather than repeat the East Ningxin the same mistakes, she would rather lonely life. Mexican words Hugh was nonsense. Mexican Laotai Jun to see the ink that a die look like, but also refused to take the emperor is not angry, stood up immediately, a look of scolding, the granddaughter of such outstanding, Is married into the imperial family into a concubine is not a problem, one does not marry not ruined his life, the woman is only married good is really okay, or a weak woman how to foothold in this world, she can not guarantee Mo Yan life is not it The emperor, said she was just awake, the brain is not clear, the emperor, please do not listen to words of children s nonsense. In particular, ink that her parents are gone, and now the Mo family to see her old bones Of course not abuse the ink, but she died Who will protect the ink words She must find a man for her life. Heart moved to the maintenance of the grandmother, ink, of course, understand that Mexican ancestors fidget cube blue for her sake, but the kind of ordinary woman s life is not what she wanted, this life will not make such a compromise Mo Yan. My grandmother, Mo Yan is not clear, Mo Yan understand what Mo Yan, Grandma, my father is only a child so I can not insult his re.