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Fidget Cube Red fidget cube red be as it should be, and she felt so good, before she was too weak, so will Snow was proud to bully that point. Little, small, small ah, ghosts, ghosts. Little maidservants by the East Ningxin scared almost broke the gall bladder, in the east to hear the words of Ning, it is like a ghost behind to catch up with the general, crazy The same ran out. ghost Hear the maidservants, then the mouth of the East Ningxin raised touch of a smile, indeed she is a ghost, she died unwilling, she is the embodiment of devils. High above the Mingyan Princess, waiting for me 079 ink words The maidservants called this call immediately alerted all the people, the East Ningxin the hospital is not biased, the East Ning heart, but just walk around in the room to adapt to this body, but also the way to stretch a bit stiff limbs. Outside came the sound of footsteps, evidently to many, many people, but the East Ning heart did not fear, generous sitting there waiting, waiting for the arrival of the body of the family. She will see, look at the body of the family s attitude to the body, if she does not mind a good stay, after all, this one to see the forces known to be small, can be wrong if she will not wronged himself Mo Yan, Mo Yan not to be the first sound of a gas in the air is full but slightly old fashioned female voice into.n the ink came in when he heard the words that sad voice. Mother, Ning heart afraid Moze puzzled, but did not ask, but a swordsmanship to the front of the Mo Yan, will face the tears of ink in your arms. Brother, Mo Yan afraid See the familiar to come, according to the ink can not return from the sadness of fidget cube red God, tightly holding Ze, she did not know why To the reader s words Well, the past slowly emerge 136 to appease What happened Mexican Ze look very strict to the side of the little maidservants, before all good, how blink of an ink on the tears became a cry children. Do not know, two young master, slaves do not know, Miss she looked before the bronze mirror, and then began to cry, good sad look. Little maidservant surprised quickly knelt down. You, forget go play basin of water. Ink Ze also know that this little maidservants matter, waved fidget cube alternative his pass away, and then will hold his inkling righting, carefully watching. Should it be usual, ink words so take the initiative to hold him, he will hold any ink words have been held to hold his words to let go of ink, but not today, today is the ink of the big day, ink can not attend. Mo Yan, told the brother, what happened Look at the whirling ink of ink, Ze felt a painful heart, who hurt the ink, so she was so sad. Brother, Mo Yan s heartache is good, col.

above, and soon the blood was all jade to seal , As long as the original jade in the same. This piece of jade is really weird. The ink of the eyes to see that jade, green plane has a large piece of blood traces, and was sealed in jade in the blood as living in general, she seems to see that the slightest flow of blood And the slightest flow of ink that found that the impact of jade on their own has been a little bit no, and looked at his hands is the blood was Moze escorted bodyguard, Mo Yan made him in addition to sympathy and thank him, should be his The blood of the jade in that the slightest spiritual power to seal, the jade was fed the blood became the blood jade, and can not be forced to absorb the soul of the bar. Mo Yan, thank you, under all right. The bodyguard trembling stand up straight, his arms hanging down, eyes with silence, his hands waste, after fear is no later, but even so he Thank ink. To let him know that little people like him is also able to get the eldest of the care. Hear the guards, then everyone will be concerned about the blood jade cast this security guard to see the hands of both hands to stop bleeding to know that this person has become a waste, and quite a few points for this person unfortunately, but also just a pity. And that there is a very ugly face, she is the Mexican old lady, and with t.w fidget cube red in the hands of the East proud of the unconscious heart, he did not snow day proud, because he knew they can stand up as long as princes do not let people touch. First left to say. Looking back at the fallen chamber, had to glad that their actions fast enough, otherwise it can be really dangerous. Is a look of happy tiger, holding the East Ning heart to follow in the back, not proud of the snow to the East proud to change hands to hold others, but his body is barely, and their own has gone Was reluctantly and proudly supported. This time, the snow proud and the tiger but did not dare to return to the inn, and only a small inn stay. Please see their doctor proud of the snow with the heart of the East Ning heart of the injury, the heart of the East Ning heart is not much wound just wounds that worsened. The son, your wife that the wound was cleared as soon as possible, otherwise it will become more and fidget cube red more serious. The doctor looked at a clearly injured, the whole body is not a good snow, proud, and some puzzled, This is just a good dressing, how can he get up But he did not dare to question their own exports, because in front of this popular market is too strong, people can not look. Then put the carrion to the twisted. Snow proud proud of the cold, did not think it was a very serious matter. But, but Tai Fu some soft, direc.A red wedding dress, the East Ning Shen sitting in the snow Prince House Hi room, today is the day of her wedding, but she did not feel the slightest joy and expectations, some just deep fidget cube red unease, because this Field wedding is doomed not to be expected, fidget cube red the bride is doomed not to like, and her fate is doomed to sympathy. Silent hi room because of silent add a bit sad colors, if it is not this festive arrangement, uninformed people thought it was a funeral. Xi Paja the Jiao Yan, no one can see clearly that the woman under the hi Pa at this time is how a mood, quietly, like a puppet as a general, or that she is really as puppet, as the mercy of the Oriental Ning Xin, Tian Yao Yihou famous illustrious talented woman, is also the first day of the reign of fidget cube red the emperor, the Queen s point of the Queen s candidate, but was a new imperial imperial edict to change the fate. Fengtian Cheng Yu, the emperor called said, the East House eldest daughter of the East Ning Xin Wen Wan skillful, thanks to the snow in the snow prince snow proud days, the second female East gentle and graceful temperament, proclaimed Tian Yao Yao Wen Queen. A purpose of two married, the East House two women married a king married a king, one for the later to Princess, which is monstrous Rong Chong. Oriental House down and are quiet in the joy of which, but wh.

Fidget Cube Red me a good exploration of the scene, but found nothing, evidently the other prepared for a long time. This station to the king of the trial on some, since people disappear here so they can not get away with their relationship. Snow proud proud of the cold, damn East Ning who you in the end provoke to the end Yes Another letter to the Qin Yi Feng, let him leave the capital thing, and now flew to the king came. Snow proud arrogant really, and this also shows that his heart fidget cube red has the East Ning Xin, or the East Ning heart The fidget cube red disappearance will not make him so angry. Yes, princes. Shihu trot to the implementation of the order. Snow days proud of not idle, the beginning of the layout at the same time to find the whereabouts of the East Ning heart, his snow days proud of the woman only he snow proud can bully, no one shall touch a half, if he fidget cube red found what people, then end Certainly miserable. At this point the East Ning heart She was kidnapped in a coma, all the way to bumps, until a pot of cold water poured down from the ground before she woke up. This is what Slowly opened his eyes, the East Ning looked at their own situation, she was trapped in a cage, which unfortunately fell into the air in the cage, and a cage under the familiar face. The emperor Blood and water mixed with the drop, the weather in July the East was cold Ning shudde.s character, the moment in order to prevent ink embarrassed, that guards quickly knelt fidget cube relieves stress down. Thank you, Miss Mo Yan saved the life of grace, under which you can unlock the three stones. Although the arm faint to do pain, tiger mouth numb, but he can not let Miss Mo Yan embarrassed, there are so many powerful , These people do not put his life in the eyes, only Mo Yan made a plea for his lady You Mo Yan glanced at the guards, and that the eyes of the decisive and drastic so how like the year she Stupid enough to Mo Yan fidget cube set did not say, just look at the guards continue to get up, pick up the side of the stone knife. Prince Edward, who looked at this scene is only a touch of shaking his head, the woman of the kernel, as the host who should not look so heavy The guards just thank the ink made a glance, and then picked up the understanding of the stone knife did not hesitate to cut down, the fourth block did fidget cube red not see fidget cube red the green, the fifth did not see the green, to the sixth block when the guards of the hands have been In trembling, but he is teeth. Mo Yan gently shook his head, his eyes flashed a touch of heartache, the guards are afraid of the hands are unable to practice martial arts, alas Princess, the last one. The guards look to Li Mingyan, fidget cube red waiting for her instructions, in front of a few have not seen.